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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Karachi goes 3D

From Newzglobe:

"Karachi’s first 3D digital cinema, The Atrium, officially opened its doors this week.

Situated at the Atrium mall in the heart of the city, The Atrium is the first 3D digital cinema in Pakistan.

The project was the brainchild of Mandviwalla Entertainment's Nadeem Mandviwalla. Mandviwalla said that when he watched James Cameron’s 3D blockbuster, Avatar, he decided that he, “must bring this technology to Pakistan.”

“Pakistani cinema industry is currently undergoing the fall, as the trend of demolishing cinemas to replace with malls is rising,” Mandviwalla said before noting that the technology itself is in it’s evolving stages, and it would be unwise to predict that it will be an instant hit.

Other audience members at the opening night screening of Avatar expressed their hope that soon Indian and Pakistani movies will also be shown in 3D.

Pakistani film star Nadeem was also present at the screening and said, “It is crucial for cinema culture to be revived and for the film industry to get a desperately needed boost.”

Mustafa Qureshi, another famous Pakistani film star present at the event commented on the present state of the Pakistani cinema, “Our movies are currently not worthy of being on these screens but I hope we will soon move in the right direction and make some world-class movies.”

Chief Guest at the event, Federal Minister for Culture, Aftab Shah Gillani said the government is doing all it can to support the cinema and film industry.

The Atrium’s upcoming lineup of 3D movies, includes Chronicles of Narnia; and Voyage of the Dawn Treader."

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