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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Film Collaborative Update on Guiding Features to Sundance > SydneysBuzz


"Happy New Year from The Film Collaborative!

The Film Collaborative has already been guiding 3 feature filmmakers and are also going to assist a short and probably add a 4th of 5th feature. Sundance filmmakers benefit from our distributiion education because we’re helping them navigate distribution and avoid the pitfalls of excessive middlemen or not-so-ideal companies who are pursuing them. We’re helping them choose wisely and sometimes also directly representing their films on the sales side. And of course we educate and guide them on the DIY side. It’s still early in the process to see exactly how much we’ll end up doing per film (in terms of sales and/or direct distribution) but already we’re helping filmmakers sift through all their options and all the entities approaching them.

With regard to We Were Here, David Weissman signed up to TFC months ago and we’re handling grassroots outreach for him as well as our usual distribution advising and of course working with Jonathan Dana, who’s awesome.

And the other films at Sundance we are working with are:

Shut Up Little Man by Matthew Bate (though we’ve just started dealing and only giving them advice so far)....

Todos tus muertos (All your Dead Ones) by Carlos Moreno....

and Lord Byron by Zack Godshall...."

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