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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ogilvy Partners Hong Kong Mall in Layar Augmented Reality Campaign, Evoking Gaudi

From TAXI:

"Seamlessly blending the use of social media with augmented reality (AR), Ogilvy & Mather and K11 have teamed up for something special this Christmas for shoppers in Hong Kong.

K11 is a concept ‘art’ mall in the city.

OgilvyOne Worldwide Hong Kong has launched a Christmas campaign based on the famous architect Antoni Gaudi and his unfinished masterpiece, Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona.

K11 wants shoppers who are fans and friends to help ‘complete’ his masterpiece—an installation at the Mall in Hong Kong. To start, shoppers can submit their designs through Facebook; and then, with the help of a free iPhone AR app called ‘Layar’, they can view their virtual decorations along with hundreds of other designs.

“Through social networking sites we are teasing over 11,000 K11 Facebook fans and friends to create their own virtual Gaudi-styled Christmas decoration. The intent is to drive a branded viral experience, which takes you from your computer to the mall and into your smartphone within the mall,” said Kitty Wong, managing director of OgilvyOne Worldwide Hong Kong."

[via Ogilvy]

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