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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hurray! Over Funded on Kickstarter! City Love Song: America to the World by Jack Finnegan

From the site!


About this project

Two weeks to go! City Love Song has been booked for two weeks of previews in NYC on the eve of the global tour (May 2011). ALL KICKSTARTER BACKERS, AT ANY LEVEL, WILL RECEIVE DISCOUNTED TICKETS TO THESE SHOWS! I hope to see you there!
With all the strength of my racing heart,


Hello, Kickstarters!

First things first: you may have noted that this project is "fully funded." In fact, I sought half of my necessary budget here on Kickstarter and was shocked--shocked!--to raise more than $7000 in 18 days. But I still need your support. Please read on to learn more, and thanks for joining me!

For the full kit and kaboodle, visit For the basics:

Who? My name is Jack Finnegan. I am a published writer, I have studied philosophy and worked for years in professional theatre. I am an unabashed, unrelenting, unashamed dreamer. This project is my most ambitious to date.

What? City Love Song is a performed story, in three cycles.

1. In its first cycle, City Love Song was a story about New York City. I sold almost everything I owned, cashed in unused vacation pay, collected the security deposit on my apartment and self-produced a national tour. I traveled to 24 cities around the United States, mostly by train, giving free performances all over the country.

2. In its second cycle, City Love Song is a story about those 24 American cities. In July I performed this story in New York, to terrific reviews (here and here) and in August performed for ten days at the Edinburgh Fringe, also for free. (The 3 New York shows were ticketed, to cover theater costs.)

Now I aim to take this portrait of America to 13 cities on 6 continents. That's what we're Kickstarting!

3. In its third cycle, City Love Song will be a story about those 13 international cities. That story will be performed for American audiences in 2012.

Where? For the American tour, City Love Song traveled through New York, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Madison, Appleton, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fargo, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Austin, New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Raleigh, Durham, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia.

For the global tour, Kickstarter backers will vote on the candidate cities listed here.

When? Cycle One was performed between 18 September and 16 December 2009. Cycle Two was performed in New York and Edinburgh, Scotland in July & August of 2010. The global tour launches in May 2011, with a two week-preview in New York in early May.

Why? Philippe Petit describes this as a uniquely American question. I’ll tell you this: I love telling stories. I am fascinated by cities. I love my country. And I love being alive in this glorious, imperfect world. Help me see your city, and join me in this song.


Naturally, City Love Song is on Facebook.

Don't miss all the goodies on

And here's a brief look at the budget:

$7000 -- Round-the-world airfare to six continents
$5000-$7500 -- Theater rentals
$3000 -- Modest accommodations (avg. $33/night for 13 weeks)
$1500 -- Food (averaging $15/day)
$1500 -- Promotional materials and expenses
$1000 -- Visas, postage, intracity travel expenses, emergency cash, insurance if I can afford it

Project location: Brooklyn, NY

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