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Friday, January 7, 2011

Lol: Vertical theme park concept thrills at high altitudes (Wired UK)


By Duncan Geere, 06 January 11

"A New York architect named Ju-Hyun Kim has come up with an idea to terrify vertigo sufferers -- a theme park in the shape of a skyscraper.

Traditional theme parks are land-intensive and inefficient, requiring massive car parks and long queues. Kim reckons that a vertical tower would solve those problems as well as enhance the thrills for any participants on the rides. "I imagine a vertically stacked theme park in the middle of the city," Kim says. "When we're tired of the conventional suburban setting of the theme park, we may have to place our theme park in the urban setting. The density of the existing urban conditions will make the theme park a more exciting place. At the same time, the height of the vertically stacked theme park will also help to enhance theme park experiences to the visitors."

The imagined theme park would include an observation deck at the top, with a carousel that makes one complete revolution per hour...."

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