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Friday, January 7, 2011

Impressive! Live Data Viz: a world of tweets uses HTML5 & cloud computing


Real-time visualization of geolocated tweets around the world

A World of Tweets is all about playing with geography and bits of information. Simply put, A World of Tweets shows you where people are tweeting at from the past hour. The more tweets there are from a specific region, the "hotter" or redder it becomes.

This continuous collection of Twitter statuses also allows for the presentation of other interesting visuals as well as statistical and historical data about the tweeting world we live in. Through the activity of Twitter users it is possible to tailor a new map of the world that evolves during the day according to the timezones and the spreading of mobile technologies.

From the site:


Technology and more...

A world of tweets takes full advantage of HTML5 and cloud computing. Geolocation is made possible by the continuous stream of information captured by the Twitter Streaming API, which provides a subset of the public status, and with the occasional aid of the Yahoo! Placemaker™ service. As a result, this cold data is transformed into something more meaningful.

A world of tweets is compatible with every browser supporting HTML5 and the tag, and degrades gracefully to Flash on older browsers...."

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