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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chris Crawford on: Collaboration 2.0 – A Game-Changing 'Social Strategy'

Collaboration 2.0 – A Game-Changing 'Social Strategy' That Radically Evolved Our Employee-Client Ecosystem

By Chris Crawford, Accenture’s director of Social Computing and Collaboration

"To put it simply, Collaboration 2.0 is Accenture’s Industrial Revolution: it has changed the way we work, learn, communicate and collaborate. As director of social computing and collaboration, I’m amazed at how viral our social computing platform has become, creating one of the largest suites of enterprise social computing tools on the planet. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, we put our people’s needs front and center in our approach to social media. We first determined why we should add the capabilities (by examining which existing public tools were generating groundswell in our organization) and then determined how we should get there. And for us, the “we” encompasses a magnitude of 190,000 people across 120 countries.

It’s a strategy that is in stark contrast to what we see many companies doing: selecting the latest flash-in-the-pan social computing tools, and doing so before understanding their users’ needs.

With Collaboration 2.0, tasks now take minutes, not days. Projects are no longer stuck in e-mail or red tape. Employees easily convene with experts who illuminate answers. They manage projects by sharing desktops and creating groups. And they connect and share key information with clients via these same tools. (See BusinessWeek's article Company ‘Federations’ to Share Data.)

We hope you enjoy learning about our game-changing groundswell story and how we’ve revolutionized our entire corporate workflow....."

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