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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brazil's Arte.Mov Festival Examines New Cartographies | The Creators Project

Excerpt from the interview:

"Arte.Mov is an art and technology festival that focuses on mobile media and how it changes the way we live. This year, the panels and exhibitions investigated the development of “New Cartographies” based on the critical use of technological products that are designed to help us live and navigate more easily through the world. We talked to the festival’s curators, Lucas Bambozzi and Rodrigo Minelli (who have been in charge of putting debates and exhibits together since before Arte.Mov was what it is) about art, mobile media, the independent audiovisual production in Brazil and their favorite art pieces of this year.

The Creators Project: How did Arte.Mov come about?
Lucas Bambozzi and Rodrigo Minelli: Back in the late ’90s there was an electronic music festival in Belo Horizonte (MG) called Eletronika. We both had this idea of bringing video and visuals to a music festival, so, in 2002, we created a section of expanded media inside this festival and called it the Expanded Media Forum. It was a very unique festival because we worked under the sponsorship of a local mobile phone company called Telemix. With the privatization of the telecoms in Brazil, these big companies were kicking in, but Telemix was still there as the smallest company operating in the country. So they called us and asked us to come up with a festival exclusively dedicated to mobile media, which was something we were starting to discover and deal with at the time. So it all started with music and then passed to these VJ, live image and audiovisual performance procedures..."

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