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Friday, August 3, 2012

Nice post from Eva Dominguez: ‘Newsgames’: playing with the news - The Fourth BitThe Fourth Bit

Eva Domínguez | 31/07/2012
Two Pulitzer Prizewinners are preparing a game in order to make the world aware of the conditions of inequality in which women and children are suffering in many parts of the world. It will be released in the autumn and it’s another example of the use of ludic strategies in journalism, a tendency known as newsgaming.

The journalistic partnership made up of Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, who won the Pulitzer for their coverage of the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, are preparing a FarmVille-type game in which actions will also have a real effect through donations, as Kristof explains to Apart from the game, which is based on the book Half the Sky, they are working on a documentary.

Three classics, a decade later
Using a game as a narrative resource in journalism is nothing new, although it is a minority pursuit. In The Fourth Bit in January, 2003, entitled The Game is the message, I discussed three notable examples of this formula, all published in 2002: The Enron Blame Game, Can You Spot the Threats? and Find the Terrorist. Ten years on, The Enron Blame Game, created by based on the scandal at that corporation, is the only that cannot be consulted.

The other two were published as a result of the consequences of the attacks on the Twin Towers. In the middle of the debate on airport security, launched Can you Spot the Threats?, in which the user has two minutes to detect guns, knives or explosives through the use of the airport baggage control device....

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