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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nice. New app delivers longform nonfiction/journalism: Welcome The Atavist

Welcome to The Atavist

Description from the site (I'm downloading now!):

"About us:

The Atavist is a boutique publishing house producing original nonfiction stories for digital, mobile reading devices. We like to think of Atavist pieces as a new genre of nonfiction, a digital form that lies in the space between long narrative magazine articles and traditional books and e-books. Publishing them digitally and offering them individually — a bit like music singles in iTunes — allows us to present stories longer and in more depth than typical magazines, less expensive and more dynamic than traditional books.

Most importantly, it gives us new ways to tell some inventive, captivating, cinematic journalism — and new ways for you to experience it.

The stories: All of our stories are researched, reported and crafted by experienced long-form reporters and writers who’ve spent months chasing them down. The topics may vary, but every Atavist story will be a narrative — around a crime, a scientific mystery, an adventure, or any other human drama — with characters and events. Each piece is laced with photography, sound, and video, where appropriate. Each piece will be edited and fact-checked. But Atavist stories aren’t static: Some may evolve in response to our readers, or simply expand and change as new facts come to light. Some may even involve the readers in the story itself.

The medium: Atavist stories are entirely digital creations — no glossy paper, no hard cover. That allows us to do some things we couldn’t otherwise, like including a free audiobook version of every one (you’ll be able to flip back and forth between text and audio, and the story will keep your place). In addition to each story’s unique collection of video and other media, it’ll have what we call inline content: maps, timelines, character lists, primary documents, and links. You can turn on the inline content to find out what’s behind the story, or leave it off to read completely distraction-free...."

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