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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Tale of Two Johns: affecting change through interactivity | i-docs


Great post from i-docs!

"A Tale of Two Johns: affecting change through interactivity
April 27, 2012Technology
Having recently presented A Tale of Two Johns at i-docs in Bristol we thought we would give a little overview of the project for those who weren’t able to see our presentation. Enjoy and feel free to follow the progress of the project on Twitter by following us @LondonQuest.

The Concept
A Tale of Two Johns is an interactive drama documentary about two men whose lives are turned upside down by the financial crisis in two European cities: London and Paris. The dual narratives will unfold in real time, in the real world and, through the use of multiple media platforms, including web-based film, social media and interactive live events, our audience will become active participants in the drama. By empowering members of the public to shape a story that responds to the global financial crisis, this project will offer a unique insight into where we stand as citizens of Europe...."

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