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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Arrglington Jump - Transmedia Hollywood 3 Coverage (Part 1)

Great Summary from April Arrglington

Panel 1: Realigned Work Worlds – Content creators looking beyond Hollywood, Silicon Valley & Madison Avenue for collaborators in the 2.0 space

"On the convergence of the different entertainments communities:

We are entering a period in time where marketing and content are becoming indivisible. This is mainly because the way to get noticed in this saturated market is by making your experience more valuable and content driven. Traditional marketing models are becoming less relevant and efficient, especially now that everything is driven by social media. Besides, there is a new generation of content creators that have come up with new technological tools that allows them to carve their own space in the market. This is why Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Madison Avenue have been forced to converge. It’s a sign of the cultural shift of our times. Granted, because we are still in a transitional period there are many communication issues between the silos in these spheres. But these are growing pains that are expected to be overcome if there is any hope for an efficient integration of these entertainment communities...."

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